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The Equipment Inventory, Reservation and Checkout System.
Welcome to MacCheckout

MacCheckout is designed to control the access and availability of equipment to people. In situations like a university or college where there is a center where students can checkout or reserve equipment, MacCheckout can be used to control the access of those students to the equipment.

MacCheckout features a full point and click interface and in the Launched Mode no data entry is required on the users part, with the exception of entering a persons ID # or overriding current date selections.

Two versions of MacCheckout are available.

MacCheckout is a standalone application that runs on Apple Macintosh computers. It requires OS X 10.7+. It is ideal for small departments who do not require multiple terminals or access across a network. (Examples: Screen 1 & Screen 2)

MacCheckout for the Web is a browser based version that runs using PHP and mySql and is designed for larger institutions with the technical support to enable a server based system to be integrated into institutions setup. (Examples: Web Screen 1 & Web Screen 2)